Appendix B. HTTP API Reference

This section provides a reference to all the actions in the HTTP API. For further information and examples using it, see Chapter 11, The HTTP API interface.

HTTP Action API Action Description
GET on Return whether a Device is on
GET off Return whether a Device is off
GET brightness Return the brightness of a Device (0-100)
GET colour Return the Colour of a Device as an Array of RGB values 0-255.
GET play Return whether a Music player is playing
GET pause Return whether a Music player is paused
GET volume Return the Music player volume (0-100)
GET mute Return whether the Music player is muted
GET group_volume Return the Group Volume of a Music player
GET group_mute Return whether a grouped Music player is muted
POST on Turn a Device on
POST off Turn a Device off
POST toggle Toggle the state of a Device
POST blink/times Blink the device times times. Defaults to 1 if omitted.
POST brightness/value Set the brightness of a Device (0-100)
POST colour/r/g/b Set the Device colour (0-255 values)
POST colour/colour_name Set the Device to the colour name (e.g. red, green, skyblue, etc.)
POST play Start a player playing
POST play_playlist/playlist_name Start the named play list playing
POST play_favourite/favourite_name Start the named favourite playing
POST append_playlist/playlist_name Append the named play list to the queue
POST append_favourite/favourite_name Append the named favourite to the queue
POST pause Pause a player
POST toggle_play Stop a playing player, or start a paused one
POST volume/value Adjust the volume on a player
POST mute Mute a player
POST unmute Unmute a player
POST toggle_mute Unmute a muted player, or mute an already unmuted one
POST next Advance to the next scheduled track
POST previous Skip to the previous scheduled track
POST group_volume/value Set the Group volume
POST group_mute Apply Group mute
POST group_unmute Apply Group unmute
POST toggle_group_mute Toggle the Group mute
POST press/button_name Press a button on a Remote Control

Table B.1. API Actions