What is SwitchThat One?

SwitchThat One aims to be the centre of your Smart Home or Smart Business. With SwitchThat One you can control & automate your smart devices from a single app.

At the heart of SwitchThat One is the One Hub, based on industry standard Raspberry Pi technology.

Accessed through your wifi over a secure connection, every One hub is entirely self-contained and no data is stored elsewhere - so you remain in control.

Visit to our store buy a One Hub today. You can also download SwitchThat One for free to use with your own Raspberry Pi 2 or Pi 3.

SwitchThat One Hub

Take control

SwitchThat One gives you control of your Smart Devices with a simple, clean & unified interface.

No more switching between different apps, and very different interfaces, just to control your lights, smart switches or music players: do it all from SwitchThat One.

Use the switches on the Home screen to quickly turn things on or off. Tap on a device for full control.

The SwitchThat app lets you stay connected to your Smart Home wherever you are. Download the app for free for your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet.

Controlling your device with SwitchThat One

Organise your Smart Devices

Add Rooms to mirror the layout of your home or office, and place your devices in those rooms.

Create Shortcuts to give instant access to groups of devices however you want.

Quickly filter any view to just the devices you want control of right now.

Organise your devices with SwitchThat One

Get Interactive!

Interactions let you automate your smart devices, and will help you get them working together in ways you never thought possible.

Use Interaction Builder to build simple Interactions, such as 'turn my light on when it gets dark', or 'turn the kitchen radio on at breakfast time'.

Power users can harness the advanced scripting language baked into SwitchThat One to build more sophisticated Interactions.

Automate your Smart Home with SwitchThat One