Frequently Asked Questions


SwitchThat One supports the following devices:
  • Philips Hue lights
  • LIFX lights
  • Belkin WeMo Switches
  • Belkin WeMo Smart Light Bulbs
  • Belkin WeMo Motion Sensor
  • Sonos Music Players
  • Tado smart thermostat
SwitchThat One requires a Raspberry Pi 2 or Pi 3 to run. We recommend a Raspberry Pi 3 for the best performance.

Security & Connectivity

SwitchThat One only stores the information you enter, plus information about the devices you are controlling. It doesn't require or store any personal data.

This data is held only on your One Hub. None of this data is made available externally.

SwitchThat One doesn't require an internet connection to work, but having one is necessary for certain features such as receiving software updates, access to local weather condition data & sending external alerts.

Note that any 3rd party devices that rely on having an internet connection, such as Sonos music streaming, will obviously be affected by loss of connectivity.

Cloud-based services keep a significant portion of a product running on the vendor's servers. If you lose internet access, or the vendor's server goes down, a cloud-based service can be crippled or even stop working entirely.

SwitchThat One runs entirely on your One Hub, and does not make use of cloud-based services or data. If you lose internet connectivity, SwitchThat One will continue to function normally.

Remote access provides a secure and encrypted way for you to connect to your One Hub from outside your home network.

The One Hub generates network traffic both on your LAN and to the internet (when access is available).

The following table describes this network traffic in detail:

Traffic LAN / Internet
UPnP is used to discover devices on your local network. The UPnP protocol makes use of both broadcasts and multicast packets. LAN
Frequent connection will be made to the supported devices on your local network using their respective APIs. LAN
During the beta release phase, The One Hub will ‘ping’ hourly to enable us to determine roughly how many One Hubs are active. Only the hub id and software version number are recorded. Internet
Periodic connection will be made to to check for, and download updates. Internet
If remote access is enabled, a secure connection will be made to Internet
The Location Settings screen will connect to Google maps Internet
If a Tado smart thermostat is used with SwitchThat One, periodic connections will be made to the Tado cloud service ( Internet
If access to weather data is enabled, periodic connections will be made to OpenWeatherMap ( Internet
If external alerting services (Email, SMS, Twitter) are configured, connections will be made to those services as required. Internet