User feedback

March 28, 2017 • SwitchThat Staff

A SwitchThat One user writes to tell us about their experience setting up a new One Hub ...

In our household, we have been using the SwitchThat home automation hub for a couple of years to take care of our lighting and home entertainment. A few days ago, disaster struck when the old Raspberry Pi 2 it was running on went kaput! My husband was decidedly unhappy with the lights not switching "on demand". I immediately ordered a Raspberry Pi 3 from Amazon, which arrived the next day. I requested a new SwitchThat trial image. One thing we like about the SwitchThat home automation software is that it doesn't use a cloud server so our home automation will usually still work even if your Internet is down. It also keeps the data it uses about our home private on the hub.

Once I received my download link, I downloaded the software image and went to the "getting started page" on the SwitchThat website. I followed the linked instructions from the web page for copying an image on MAC OS using Etcher. Literally, only a few minutes later, I had copied my new downloaded image onto the micro SD card for my nice new Pi 3. I powered it up, connected it to my broadband and restarted the SwitchThat app on my phone.

The hub appeared and I followed the instructions to register my new installation and get started. Almost immediately, it had discovered all our lights, Belkin sockets, Sonos speakers and (after obtaining a code) our Nest thermostats too! Our new home automation hub was pretty much up and running in a total of about 10 minutes! After a little bit of simple customisation, I had all our Interactions, lighting scenes and everything working as before and the hubby was happy again. I was impressed at how simple and slick an experience this installation was from a system that is targeted at more technical users. Great work SwitchThat Team!

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