Simplicity is the key to smart homes

Oct 17, 2016 • SwitchThat Staff

When I was young I always wanted to be part of the Jetson's family. I was totally enchanted by their futuristic utopia full of whimsical inventions, but never did I think that in the future it would be their smart home that was making me envious.

The Internet of Things is realising the dream of the smart home and it's growing at an incredible rate. PWC predicts the market will be worth $149 billion by 2020.

This is partly due to the uptake of home automation but also the diversity of devices that are becoming 'smart'. Sensors are becoming ever cheaper and smaller, and can be embedded into a rapidly increasing range of devices, enabling them to communicate over the Internet. Added to that is our increasing thirst for new gadgets - whoever thought we'd have smart wine bottle sleeves enabling us to find out more about the wine we’re drinking and smart forks which inform us when we are eating too fast!

This isn't going away: as children are exposed to more and more 'smart' toys and home automation gadgets it'll become their norm. Look at all the young children who don’t understand what a mouse is for – they presume everything works with a touch screen as this is the world they know. The same will happen with home automation - they'll soon be wondering why the lights in their real homes don’t turn on with a voice command or a gesture.

But home automation isn't just for the future, it's here now. For some this can be quite daunting, not just because of the speed at which it's happening but also the diversity of available devices. Let’s not forget that these are consumer products and not everyone is tech savvy. The key is to keep it simple and personal to the user. After all, it's their home and they still want to be the person in charge of all their smart devices - and the personal data they might collect.

As the mobile phone is the centre of most people's connected lives, it is inevitably also becoming the control centre for their homes. But what doesn't make sense is having separate apps to control different devices. Our connected world is supposed to simplify and automate our lives, so we don't want to waste time remembering which app controls our lights and which our music players, or fight to get our supposedly 'smart' devices to work together.

Introducing Switch That

The Switch That home automation app, with its innovative Interaction Builder technology, allows you to control and automate various home automation devices easily and securely through one app.

Switch That provides a simple, unified interface for controlling and organising your smart home. Arrange devices into rooms that mirror the layout of your home, or group them into categories such as 'lighting' and 'heating'. Easily switch one, some or all of your lights on with a single tap.

With Interaction Builder, Switch That makes it simple to automate your devices and to combine them in powerful ways.

Switch That also takes privacy seriously: personal data remains in your home and is not shared, or even stored in the cloud.

The result is a home that is truly smart, yet remains personal and secure. After all, the connected world is supposed to make life easier right? We’re supposed to be free to get on with life rather than be tied to the controls of our devices!

Interested in making your home really smart? See the Switch That app in action.