Set the Scene

February 01, 2016 • SwitchThat Staff

If you have smart lighting in your home then you'll probably be familiar with scenes.

Lighting senes let you store your favourite lighting setups and recall them in an instant, saving you the bother of having to tweak your individual bulbs each time.

This is great if you like having your lights a certain way for relaxing in front of a movie, or when friends come over.

What if you have different brands of smart lights in your home? You can create a scene for your Hue lights, but it can't include your LIFX or WeMo lights too.

SwitchThat to the rescue!

With SwitchThat One, you can create lighting scenes that include all of your lights, regardless of manufacturer. You can also include Belkin WeMo lights, which don't support scenes using their official app.

Creating a lighting scene is as simple as:

  1. Setting up your lights how you want them
  2. Telling SwitchThat One which lights to include
  3. Giving the lighting scene a name

Your favourite lighting setups are then only a tap away!

Philips Hue users can also import their existing scenes to use in SwitchThat One. Take a look at the user guide for full details of using SwitchThat One to create lighting scenes.