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General process of Shuangqing in Indonesia

date: 2020-12-29 18:05:49 source: 豐年國際物流

Indonesia Shuangqing means that when the goods go in and out of Indonesia, they need to perform the relevant procedures according to the regulations. When all the obligations need to be performed are fulfilled, the goods will be released and reach the owner.

The general process of customs clearance in Indonesia is to confirm the delivery date first, that is, the order needs to be confirmed, and the contract needs to be negotiated, including the price, quantity and relevant terms of the goods.

Then you need to select agent, prepare list certificate, list document including invoice, packing list, contract, quality inspection certificate, etc. Leaflets with many details need to be prepared.

When it comes to customs clearance, the main process is

1. Change the sign first, and know clearly where to change the order;

2. Declare, input information in the computer and wait for customs to review.

3. Go to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for quotation.

4. Presentation on site

5. Customs inspection, inspection notice.

6. Release.

For the import of goods, the advantage of choosing Express import is that it does not need the owner to provide documents and other relevant certificates, but only needs the invoice and packing list. Therefore, the import of express is relatively fast. It usually takes one to two days from receiving the goods to customs clearance. Express import can also be declared in batches, that is, when you have more goods, this way will greatly save your time, but the goods suitable for express are wine, cosmetics, leather goods and communication products.

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