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Harvest International Logistics Co.,Ltd. is engaged in export logistics services such as Indonesia special line e-commerce logistics service, Indonesia door-to-door service, Malaysia special line logistics service, DDU / DDP, overseas warehousing, international express, international air transportation, international shipping, door-to-door service. Founded in 2017, after three years of hard work, innovation and expansion, the company has become a leading comprehensive international logistics enterprise in China, and has established good strategic cooperation with Cathay Pacific Airlines and other airlines, Wanhai Airlines WHL, evergreen shipping EMC and other shipping companies, as well as with SHOPEE, JD Indonesia station( JD.ID ), LAZADA, etc Long term stable transport cooperation.

Headquartered in the west of Jakarta, Indonesia, the company has set up branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Yiwu and other places. Indonesia has a professional customs clearance customer service team, more than 100 warehouse colleagues, more than 80 drivers and 50 local delivery vehicles, with a total of nearly 300 employees. The branches in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Yiwu have 10000 square meters of warehouses, which handle 8-10 containers of sea freight and more than 5 tons of air freight every day. The Malaysian company has its own customs clearance team, which has a 4000 square meter transshipment center and 15 delivery vehicles in basheng port. The team is composed of these professional logistics service elites and a professional operation platform. At the same time, it applies high-tech computer technology to transport the company's business To carry out scientific and technological management.


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